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Lazy mornings by Sura-Resch
Lazy mornings
There are those moments where the time that you spent sleeping in bed seemed only moments ago and as you are roused into consciousness, the desire to go back to sleep fights it every step of the way. Then it calls for reinforcements as either an alarm will start ringing, animals will sing their songs, the sounds of others moving about, or the sunlight hitting you with its warming rays all help to wake you up. Rise and shine sleepyhead. 

Drawn by the talented :iconaskbubblelee: 
Favorite the original here: Dandy Puff
Squeaky clean by Sura-Resch
Squeaky clean
Bathing for characters with fur must be a hassle. Having to deal with washing the fur on the body and then take care of the hair and tail. All the brushing that goes on and the different brushes and combs that probably has to be used. All for the sake of looking good. 

Drawn by the talented :iconfluttersin:
Knuckle Sandwich by Sura-Resch
Knuckle Sandwich
Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. It allows us to say whatever it is on our mind to whomever is willing, and unwilling, to hear what the message is. Sometimes though, I feel that people should shut up.

Anthro Mane Coon getting ready to beat someone's face in for having angered her sufficiently. 

Drawn by the talented :iconjonfawkes:
Favorite the original here: Mane Coon (Patreon Commission)
Conflicting emotions by Sura-Resch
Conflicting emotions
I hate how I have to carry her around all the time. She always says that she's tired and would rather rest on my back because she's confident that I can get us to our next destination without hassle. Lazy bird. Sure, she pulls her weight and flies us both, rather uncomfortably I might add, when necessary, but those occasions are few and far between. Then comes the part where she falls asleep and I have to deal with her snoring or, worse still, the occasional times where she drools. Ugh! She'll finally get off and go about her business once we've reached civilization again but. . . then I miss the warmth that she provides while she's up there. 

Drawn by the talented :iconsiansaar:
A drawing I received for supporting their Patreon. 
Support their Patreon 
Where evil lurks (Roan) by Sura-Resch
Where evil lurks (Roan)
Mane Coon delves into a Ravarian hideout, intent on figuring out what the creatures are up to. She bears witness to their strange, chaotic acts and rituals. Clearly disgusted by what she sees, her resolve is strengthened into making sure that the creatures are dealt with. 

Drawn by the talented :iconbaron-engel:
Favorite the original here: Mane Coon color
Learn more about Roan here:


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wow, i really like your art, it´s so cool !!!
Sura-Resch Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016
Thank you. I'm just the one who comes up with all the ideas while commissioning great artists to bring them to life.
CosmosAlice Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it´s nice anyway ^^ to come up with ideas are awesome !
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Sura-Resch Featured By Owner May 20, 2016
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