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A whole new world by Sura-Resch A whole new world by Sura-Resch
A continuation from: A little ways off. . .

Time moves on and Spare Parts feels her life going nowhere. Her chores grow tedious and no longer fill her with the same sense of duty as they once did, she breaks more things than she fixes, and she's even begun talking to herself now that nopony does anymore. She is now trapped in a prison that was once her home.  She waits for the day that something changes in her life and wishes for it to come sooner, rather than later. Her wish is granted, but not in the way that she intended.

One night, she is suddenly awakened by a tree that comes crashing down tearing a huge hole into her abode. Her mind reels, "How do I fix something as big as this?" What breaks her out of her panic are the small lights that are now growing in number where the tree fell from. She is hesitant to leave the only home she has ever known, but the lights are going away. Curiosity gets the better of her and she takes her first step outside. 

She was never allowed to go outside. She had always wondered why but it was a rule from her master that she followed. Now that she was, her mind was in awe because of the new sensations that she was experiencing. The feeling of grass beneath her hooves, the smell of the night air, the sounds of nature around her, and most importantly, the little lights that were going away.  

She follows them to a clearing where many of the lights have banded together. She's entranced by how they flicker, how they dance in the air, and how she'll lose sight of them only for them to reappear elsewhere. All of a sudden, one the lights lands on her nose. She stares at it, mouth agape, and smiles. Then laughs. She keeps on laughing, regardless of the fact that it's causing the lights to fly away, but she doesn't care. Not anymore. She has found what she wants.The change she most desperately wanted. The freedom to what she wants. She is going to enjoy every moment of it. 

Favorite the original here: Fireflies
Drawn by the talented : :iconhikariviny:
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October 30, 2016
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